Beard transplant costs: do they even cost that much?

Hair transplants have been popular for years, with celebrities from Wayne Rooney to Jason Donovan raving about the results achieved from FUT and FUE procedures alike. Now, thanks to modern science, there’s a new procedure gaining traction – the beard transplant. Full beards have fast become a mainstream trend in recent years, though many men lack the ability to grow a proper one. Whether your existing beard grows unevenly, has patches or simply is too thin for your liking, a beard transplant could be for you.

Beard transplants use the same basic procedure as hair transplants do – they take healthy hair follicles from the head and implant them into the area where you want your beard to grow (this should be discussed in full with the clinic of your choice before your procedure). This is often a deciding factor when deciding whether or not to go ahead with a procedure – often people are concerned with beard transplant costs and whether or not it is worth it. You should be aware that having a healthy head of hair will prevent you from losing any or creating bald patches – this way, the beard transplants costs are 100% worth it in the long run, as you will maintain a full head of hair, now with a full beard to match.

beard transplant costs

How much do they actually cost?

Beard transplant costs can be steep – they can set you back up to £6000. However, if all you have ever wanted is a full and lustrous beard, then these costs won’t seem all that bad. When you can specifically tailor your beard to your exact wants and desires, a £6000 price tag is merely loose change. The beard transplant costs will vary depending on how much hair you need – partial transplants will obviously be cheaper than full transplants. Patients with patchy beards can expect to pay around £2000 to fill the gaps, while patients wanting a full beard transplant will be paying around £6000.

One thing that you need to know is that certain clinics will charge for a consultation – this can be added to your total beard transplant cost, or be paid separately depending on the clinic that you choose. Consultations can cost anywhere between £0 and £300. It is guaranteed that, if you require a consultation with a dermatologist to assess the reasons behind your hair loss, you will need to pay for the service. This can cost around £200.

Another thing you need to be aware of before considering a beard transplant, is that the transplanted hairs will fall out after two weeks – this is completely normal, and not a cause for concern. They will grow back promptly within three months, and you will have the beard you have always wanted.

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