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Top Causes of Hair Loss and How to Avoid Hair Loss

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Top 4 Causes of Hair Loss and How to Avoid Hair Loss

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Sometimes, rapid hair loss occurs due to the lack of a key component to a balanced diet. For example, if the body does not consume enough protein, it may begin to ration the proteins it receives and the ones already present – it does this by restricting hair growth. Thankfully, this problem usually only occurs three months after a change in your diet, so if it is rectified quickly you may be able to avoid hair loss altogether. Ensure you are including plenty of fish, meat and eggs, or suitable vegan or vegetarian substitutes to avoid hair loss due to lack of protein. Hair loss can also occur when you include too much of something in your diet – like vitamin A. Reducing your intake of sweet potato, squash, leafy greens and carrots will reverse the loss of your hair.

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Often, the toll that emotional stress takes on your body is downplayed – however, this stress is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Reducing stress levels to avoid hair loss is not tried and tested, but relaxation is always worth adding to your daily routine regardless – try and take part in more exercise, meditation, or even therapy. Physical stress is just as big a factor in hair loss, as it can shock your regular hair cycle (growth, rest, shedding) into the shedding phase prematurely. Obviously, most physical stress is the result of an accident, so can not be easily avoided – however taking the time to heal and rest properly will help in getting your hair growing and your hair cycle back on track.

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Over styling your hair is one of the key causes of hair loss for women – hairstyles like cornrows, tight braids or getting a weave put in your hair puts persistent stress on on the roots of your hair. Regular heat styling can also contribute to the problem. Unfortunately, this type of hair loss can be permanent and irreversible – but thankfully, is easy to avoid. Staying away from tight hairstyles, using heat on the hair sparingly and always conditioning the hair following a shampoo treatment are the best ways to avoid hair loss caused by styling.


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Probably the most common and well-known causes of hair loss are heredity and male-pattern baldness. Not only are these the most common causes, both are generally unavoidable and hard to treat, but not impossible. Topical creams such as Rogaine and certain oral medications can either halt hair loss or even encourage regrowth in certain individuals. If these prove unsuccessful, a hair transplant is a viable option – usually, they cost between £2500 and £7500 depending on the number of follicles you require. Generally, hair transplants are extremely successful and they last a lifetime, transforming men and women’s appearances and confidence.


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