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How To Stop Hair Loss

how to stop hair loss

How To Stop Hair Loss.

Hair Loss is a major concern for a growing number of adults in the United Kingdom. It’s estimated that 1 in 4 of the population will suffer from hair loss that will severely dent their self-esteem. Hair Loss is no laughing matter, and the damage that it can do to a person’s mental well being cannot be understated. It is therefore understandable that we are seeing more and more people looking into how to stop hair loss. First, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what causes hair loss so you know how it can be addressed.

What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair loss, but the main cause is Androgenetic Alopecia – known as Male pattern Baldness (MPB).

MPB accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men. By the age of thirty-five two-thirds of men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss, and by the age of fifty approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. Approximately twenty five percent of men who suffer with male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach the age of twenty-one.

how to stop hair loss

Contrary to societal belief, most men who suffer from male pattern baldness are extremely unhappy with their situation and would do anything to change it. Hair loss affects every aspect of the hair loss sufferer’s life. It affects interpersonal relationships as well as the professional lives of those suffering. It is not uncommon for men to change their career paths because of their hair loss.

MPB is caused by the effect of the male hormones, called androgens, on genetically predisposed hair follicles (passed down the family tree). For those who are prone to hair loss, within these genetically programmed hair follicles the male hormone ‘testosterone’ is converted into the androgen ‘Dihydrotestosterone’, or ‘DHT’, by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. It is the effect of this DHT that inhibits the growth of new hair cells, which in turn leads to male hair loss and in many cases, eventual baldness.

Simply, to address Hair Loss you need a product that will reduce the effects of DHT within your body.

How Do Most Modern Products Work?

how to stop hair loss

Now we know how to stop hair loss take a look at most common hair loss shampoos on the market. Very few of the products that are on offer are actually able to stop hair loss. The reason for this is because the ingredients that make up these shampoos are unable to reduce the effects of DHT within your body. What these products actually do is thicken your hair so it appears that you have more, but you will still be losing individual follicles.

We are yet to see any shampoos that are able to stop hair loss. To that end we recommend using hair loss tablets.

Using Hair Loss Tablets to stop Hair Loss.


The only way to reduce the effects of DHT and prevent the hair loss for which it is responsible is to disable it. The non surgical hair loss treatments does just this. These treatments contain active pharmaceutical ingredient that blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. These treatments stops DHT attacking your follicles and as a result prevents future hair loss. The sooner you embark on a course of treatments, the quicker your hair loss will cease when followed as instructed.

It maybe tempting to order Hair Loss Tablets from the internet. We strongly recommend against this as we have heard horror stories of people having severe adverse reactions to tablets they have bought online. At UK Hair Transplant Clinics we recommend that you come to a free consultation with us to address how to stop hair loss. We can assess whether you are suitable for hair loss medication and can prescribe it from approved suppliers. You wouldn’t take medicine for other issues from an ireputable source, so don’t do the same when it comes to hair loss medication.

If you wish to be assessed for hair loss medication then simply fill in the consultation request form below. We can then book you in at one of our clinics across the UK and one of our hair loss specialists will be able to assess your suitability. Take action on your hair loss today and get in touch today!

How Long Do Hair Transplants Last?

how long do hair transplants last

How Long Do Hair Transplants Last?

A common question that we have from potential patients revolves around how long do Hair Transplants last. There is a real concern from patients that after having a hair transplant procedure that they will need to have a top up procedure carried out in the future to keep their hairline looking the same.

The great news is that after you have a hair transplant with us at UK Hair Transplant Clinics that you will not need any more procedures. Once you have a hair transplant with us, you will not any top-up treatments in order to preserve your results.

Why do Hair Transplants Last a Lifetime?

The follicles that are transplanted during the surgical procedure will last for the lifetime of the patient. These hairs are genetically resistant to balding, which means they will never fall out. This is because the hairs that are transplanted into your hair come from an area which is resistant to the DHT that causes baldness. You can be assured that after your hair starts to regrow after your procedure that it will be there for a lifetime.

I’ve Heard Stories About Hairs Dropping Out After A Transplant. Are They True?

Due to the transplantation process a number of hairs will fall out of the scalp. This is a known phenomena when it comes to hair transplants and is a natural part of the bodies response to the procedure. It’s estimated that just 2%-5% of transplanted hairs do not survive the FUT procedure. FUE procedures are far more likely to result in the death of previously healthy hairs, but most procedures will only result in the death of about 10% of the transplanted hairs. After around 6 months the hairs that have dropped out, but the follicle has survived will begin to regrow again.

We take the rejection rate into consideration when we work out the number of follicles that will need to be harvested. Some other clinics will look to cut costs by taking less follicles from your head. This will result in a poor result however, so don’t be tempted to take less follicles – it will impact on the quality of your result.

NW2 Hairline

nw2 hairline

NW2 Hairline

A Norwood 2 (or NW2 Hairline) is often referred to as a ‘mature’ hairline and is often the first signs of real hair loss in males as they begin to grow older. A NW2 Hairline tends to follow the basic pattern that hair around your temples will begin to recede and fall out. This can leave you with what is commonly referred to as a widows peak.

What causes a NW2 Hairline?

nw2 hairline

The hair in your hairline is highly sensitive to DHT (which is the cause of hair loss in men) after puberty. Many men experience some level of recession in their hairline even when they are not balding. However, when there is significant hair loss in these areas it can become quite noticeable.

nw2 hairline

NW2 Hairline Help.

It is perfectly natural to be worried about your hairline at this point. In fact it may be preferable to start taking action when your hair reaches an NW2 hairline to prevent future hair loss. There are a number of options that you can take at this point to either prevent future hair loss or to restore your hairline to it’s original state.

Hair Loss Tablets.

One way to prevent future hair loss is by using Hair Loss Tablets. At UK Hair Transplant Clinics we recommend using these tablets as it can prevent future hair loss. This is achieved by blocking the DHT which causes hair loss. Whilst by taking hair loss tablets you will not regain the hair you have already lost, it will stop you losing any more. Hair Loss tablets can be ideal if you are happy with your current hairline, but may be worried about future hair loss.

We recommend taking Tablets when you have a NW2 Hairline as it can prevent future problems with your hair.

Hair Transplants.

Norwood 2

For those who want to regain their natural hairline then you can look at getting a hair transplant. A hair transplant will see hairs being taken from an area of your head resistant to DHT and being implanted in your hairline. This will help to replace any past hair loss and give you a youthful looking hairline once more.

At UK Hair Transplant Clinics we have carried out many hair transplants on NW2 hairlines and have managed to restore the patients hair line to their former glory.

Get a consultation for your NW2 Hairline.

If you are worried about your hairline then we recommend coming to visit us at one of our free hair loss consultations, which are held across the UK.

At these consultations, you will meet with a specialist in hair loss. The specialist will be able to examine your hair and give you an honest opinion on the health of your hair and recommend the best course of action for you and your hairline.

To book one of our free consultations so you can feel reassured about your hairline once again simply fill in the form below. One of our team will be in touch to confirm a date and time for your consultation.

We look forward to seeing you!

Hair Transplant Pay Monthly


Hair Transplant Pay Monthly.

A question we are asked by potential patients is if they can spread the cost of a Hair Transplant. More and more, we are seeing patients looking for options to have a hair transplant where they have the option to pay monthly. It’s not to surprising to receive these sort of inquiries as the cost of a Hair Transplant can be fairly substantial. This is why we offer you the option to break up the cost of payment into chunks, so that it isn’t such a drain on your pocket.

Why Pay Monthly for a Hair Transplant?

With the cost of some Hair Transplants reaching up to £6k there is a need to break up the cost in order to make the procedure attainable for the man on the street. We offer Hair Transplant Finance at a very competitive rate which will allow you to get your hair transplant carried out.

By offering a pay monthly option into the ways in which you can fund your hair transplant, we have seen a huge uptake from a number of patients who would not have been able to afford the treatment otherwise.

There are no differences in the standard of service you will receive, nor will it affect the written guarantee that comes with all of our procedures.

How we offer Finance.

At UK Hair Transplant Clinics we have partnered with Chrysalis Finance to offer Hair Transplant Finance. In just 3 easy steps, you can access hair transplant finance with a payment plan to suit you. (All finance is subject to status and affordability, and treatment is subject to medical suitability.)

We ask for a small deposit ahead of your hair transplant in order to reserve your place. You simply then pay the rest of the price of your treatment off under the finance agreement agreed with Chrysalis. As a Representative figure the APR is 9.9%.

When considering hair transplant finance it’s best to take advantage of our free hair loss consultation. At this consultation we will evaluate the level of your hair loss and suggest the best course of action for you.

To apply for a free consultation and to discuss the finance options available for you then simply fill in our contact form and one of our agents will contact you to discuss your needs.

Does Brushing Prevent Hair Loss?

Does Brushing Prevent Hair Loss

Does Brushing Prevent Hair Loss?

There’s an old wives tale that by brushing your hair with 100 strokes that you can prevent hair loss. Sadly, this ancient bit of advice is just that – a tale. In fact it is potentially a very damaging piece of advice. Recent research by the American Academy of Dermatology has found the opposite – that over brushing can cause hair damage which will result in even more hair loss.

Simply put, you should avoid over-brushing your hair. The damage can be caused by putting unnecessary strain on your hair follicles. This can be a case of using a brush that is too hard which can create a lot of friction which can damage the follicles due to a process known as Traction Alopecia. Expensive natural boar bristle brushes are often feted as a great brush to use, but the simple fact of the matter is that these brushes are highly damaging. You are often best resorting to a cheap, wide-needled, plastic hairbrush as these create far less friction. Brushing against the natural grain of your hair can also cause damage to the follicles so be aware of the natural fall of your hair.

There can also be issues as to when you brush. If you have straight hair then it is advisable that you only brush your hair when it is dry. This is because when your hair is wet it is highly flexible, so again Traction Alopecia can be caused by pulling it out of it’s natural growing pattern. The inverse is true when you have kinky or curly hair – it is better to brush your hair when it is wet to take advantage of the natural flexibility of your hair.

The Wrap Up.

Ignore those who tell you that tell you should brush your hair more vigorously to prevent hair loss. Be sure that you consider the way that it naturally falls, brushing it in other ways will cause damage and could accelerate any future hair loss. Be sure to take care of your hair!


Hair Transplant Information

hair transplant information

Hair Transplant Information.

If you are suffering from Hair Loss then you might be looking into a Hair Transplant. Over 40% of the UK Population suffer from hair loss and more and more of the population are looking for solutions. In recent years hair transplants have become a more popular procedure with a number of well known celebrities having them carried out. But, you make have questions as to what a hair transplant is and what it entails. We hope to answer some of the questions you make have about hair transplants, especially if you are considering having one carried out.

What is a Hair Transplant?

The most important hair transplant information you need to know is what the procedure is. A hair transplant is a procedure to move hair from an area unaffected by hair loss to an area of thinning or baldness. It is a permanent procedure which can drastically affect the way you look. As different people have varying degrees of hair loss every procedure is different and the amount of hair to be moved will be different.

With Hair Transplants the hair is often moved from a donor area at the back of the head. This area often has healthy hair which can be used to replace the hair in other areas of the head. Whilst some people may think that you can use body hair for a hair transplant, this is frowned upon by specialists as it produces poor results.

A Hair Transplant is carried out as a one day surgery under local anesthetic. These procedures are carried out in specialist hair transplant clinics rather than at local hospitals so it may be the case that you need to travel for a procedure. It’s worth bearing in mind that you will be unable to drive after your surgery due to a sedative being administered. Most providers will look to supply a hotel close to the clinic to help with this problem.

Types of Procedures.

celebrity hair transplants from UK Hair Transplant Clinics

There are two types of procedures that are commonly carried out when a hair transplant takes place. These are:

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT, or strip method):

  • A strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from the back and sides of the head and divided into individual hair grafts. Each graft contains about two hairs.
  • The grafts are then placed into tiny cuts (incisions) made in the scalp.
  • The wound at the back of the head is closed with stitches.
  • The head does not need to be shaved – only the area to be removed is trimmed.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE):

  • The entire head is usually shaved.
  • A special punch device is used to directly remove individual grafts of hair one by one.
  • The grafts are placed into tiny incisions made in the scalp.

The two procedures both have great success rates and the procedure used will be dependent on the number of hairs that need to be moved and the procedure the surgeon you are allocated is most comfortable with. There is a slight variation in cost between the two procedures, with FUT being slightly cheaper as it is less labour intensive.

Both procedures have the same recovery times. The time spent recovering after a hair transplant is just as important as the procedure itself. We recommend avoiding any physical excursion for two weeks after surgery to reduce the of a poor transplant.

One key area of hair transplant information is that it will take 12-18 months to see the results from your surgery. Some people expect to see results within weeks of a procedure, but a little patience is required!

Costs of Hair Transplants.

The final part of Hair Transplant information that is worth bearing in mind is the cost of a procedure. The NHS do not offer hair transplants as they are considered a cosmetic procedure. This means that you will have to consider the price of surgery when thinking about a hair transplant.

Prices in the UK can vary from between £1000 to over £20000 for a hair transplant. There will be a number of factors determining the price of your procedure including the number of hairs that need moving, the type of surgery and the reputation of the surgeon carrying out the surgery.

Generally it is recommended that you don’t use price as a determining factor when looking for a hair transplant provider. A low price can often mask a poor service, so be sure of the service a provider offers before booking a procedure with them.

If you are interested in the prices of hair transplants we provide more information on our hair transplant costs page.

Getting more hair transplant information.

hair loss information

If you are interested in getting some more hair transplant information then we recommend coming to one of our free hair loss consultations.

The first step towards a hair transplant is a free, no obligation and fully confidential consultation with one of our experts. If you are suffering from hair loss then our experts will be able to recommend a treatment plan to prevent further hair loss and to restore your hair back to it’s former glory.

To book a free consultation simply fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch to confirm a consultation date with you.

Remember, the purpose of this consultation is to better inform you about the options ahead of a hair transplant. It may be that you don’t need a hair transplant and we can offer advice on what alternative hair loss prevention methods there are.

Whatever you choose to do, we wish you the best on your hair transplant journey.

Hair Growth Products For Men

hair growth products for men

Use Hair Growth Products For Men To Battle Hair Loss Today!

Are you concerned about hair loss? It’s estimated that two-thirds of men in the UK suffer from some type of male pattern baldness and it can be a major source of concern for many men. Rather than suffer in silence we implore men that are worried about losing their hair to look into Hair Growth Products. Previously, there were quiet concerns about the quality of Hair Growth Products for men as many of the ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions had no effect on preventing hair loss.

Hair Growth Products You Can Trust.

At UK Hair Transplant Clinics we have sourced a number of Hair Growth Products for men which have been proven to work and prevent further hair loss. We use these products with our surgicial patients ahead of their procedures to prevent further hair loss and to ensure that they have a successful transplant. By offering them to you we can slow down your hair loss and prevent future problems for you!



It’s no coincidence that there is a direct correlation between the an explosion in the fitness industry over the past 10 years and the rapidly decreasing age at which men are first experiencing hair loss.

Every day further evidence is presented into the negative impact of the use of well marketed commercial shakes, tablets, pre-workouts, recovery formulas, creatine, steroids and growth hormones on hair.

More and more men are having to choose between their muscle and their hair. It doesnt have to be that way. Formulated specifically as a hair loss product, Follifuel Pro’s patented reductase inhibition formula takes the prevention of hair loss to a whole new level.

Manufactured in the UK under laboratory control to ensure batch integrity and ultimate results, Follifuel Pro’s targeted formulation of pharmaceutical grade Caffeine, growth acceleration BCAA Aminogen and DHT blocker Follivive, Follifuel is the most complete and and scientifically driven Nutraceutical hair retention workout supplement to hit the market.

Follifuel Pro is the only workout supplement to contain the targeted ‘Anabolic Inhibition Blend’ of Follivive and Aminogen at their most effective and synergistic inclusion rates.

The first and only formulation of its kind, Follifuel Pro promotes the production of lean muscle and strong hair by combining the purest most absorbable BCAA complex Aminogen to extend the Anagen growth phase with Follivive, a therapeutic dosage of Saw Palmetto and Astaxanthin which has been clinically proven to obstruct the Testosterone to DHT conversion pathway.

Follifuel is a hair growth product proven to thicken hair. More and more of our customers have been impressed by the results from Follifuel. To see the best results we recommend using Follifuel for a minimum of 6 months. To order Follifuel or to discuss if it’s the right product for you then give us a call on 0800 043 0993.

Hair Loss Tablets.

When follicles are dying due to the body’s DHT attacking follicles, your hair starts to miniaturize. Depending on the severity, this may result in having thousands of hairs that can only be seen under a specialist microscope. In these instances it is not possible to transplant as there are still live Follicles in the scalp, which means there is no space to implant new hairs. If you attempted to transplant into this area, it is likely that none of the transplanted hair would grow.

70% Of suitable Patients can achieve visually thicker hair by taking Hair Loss Tablets. Clinical studies over the last 10 years have scientifically proven this – the secret is to establish the SUITABILITY of Patients. We see lots of Patients who have purchased Hair Loss Tablets directly from the internet and who have had no suitability test performed. This has resulted in no growth because medication was inappropriate.

So confident in this world leading medication, we are happy to offer you our unique refund guarantee with these tablets. We promise that if after 12 months, your hair is not visibly thicker; we will offer you a refund credit against any future hair transplant procedure that you choose.

If you are interested in buying hair loss tablets then you must come to one of our free consultations in order to assess your suitability. You can apply for a free appointment by filling in the form below.

Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant

Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant

When we talk about famous sportsmen having hair transplants we offer think of Footballers such as Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov who have famously had hair transplants in recent years. There are other sportsmen who have had hair transplants in recent years and one man who is thought to have had a transplant is Lewis Hamilton.

Few drivers have entered Formula One racing with as big a bang as Lewis Hamilton, whose sensational maiden season in 2007 – in which he lost out on the world championship by a single point – remains one of the most remarkable rookie campaigns in history. He has gone on to become a dominant force in the sport winning three world championships.

The Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant debate has been one that has rumbled on for many years across the internet. Eagle eyed commentators have noticed that Hamilton was struggling with hair loss. It is obviously a condition that is hereditary with his father being bald by the time his son had burst onto the Formula One scene.

Did Lewis Hamilton have a hair transplant?

Hamilton suffered with a receding hairline for many years before seemingly taking action to reverse the process. Hamilton seemingly began to gain thicker hair during the 2013 season, which suggests the use of hair loss tablets to halt the process caused by DHT. As the calendar turned to 2014 it was Hamilton’s abundance of hair that was a talking point.

There are suggestions that during the off season that Hamilton had a 2000 graft FUE Hair Transplant. As you can see from the picture at the top of the page then this was an amazing transformation. He looked much closer to his actual age as he had done with a hairstyle not befitting a jetsetting world champion!

Overall, what this shows is that even World Champions can suffer from Hair Loss and that they take action to address it. If you are worried about your own hair loss why not visit us for a free consultation where we can go through the options available to address your hair loss.

You don’t even have to be earning the wage of a sports superstar. As you can see from our Hair Transplant Costs page we charge very reasonable rates. We even offer finance to allow you to spread the cost over a number of months for your surgery.

So, why don’t you follow Lewis’ example and look at getting a hair transplant today. It’s a decision you won’t regret!

Hair Styles That Cause Hair Loss

Hair Styles That Cause Hair Loss.

It may come as a surpise to you, but there are several types of hair styles which can cause hair loss in both men and women. The cause of this is something know as ‘Traction Alopecia.’ Traction Alopecia is where hair loss occurs after hair is gently pulled on for days and hours as a result of the way the hair is styled. Most of the time this is not noticeable as the pulling on the roots is very gentle. Over a number of months and years this can lead to severe hair loss and can result in a need for hair transplant surgery.

So, what are the hair styles that can cause Traction Alopecia? Here are our five hair styles to avoid!

1. Ponytails.

ponytails cause hair loss

Whilst it may be a some practical hairstyle, ponytails can result in hair loss from both the front and the top of your head. As a general rule the tighter the ponytail the more likely it is to cause the Traction Alopecia which can cause damage to your hair. We suggest that if you are wearing your hair up in a ponytail that you should alter it’s position several times in a day in order to relieve the pressure on the roots. A looser ponytail will also help reduce the stress put on the roots by the hairstyle.

2. Cornrows.

cornrows cause hair loss
Cornrows cause damage as the hair is braided quite closely and tightly to the scalp. This creates tension and will lead to hair loss and hair breakage, especially if you choose to keep your hair in cornrows for a long period of time. Also, if you don’t clean your hair properly, there are chances that you may encourage infections that will promote formation of bald spots.

3. Dreadlocks.

dreadlocks cause hair loss

Dreadlocks are perhaps one of the most damaging hair styles which can lead to hair loss. Dreadlocks damage the hair follicles and over a period of time, the hair become tangled to form dreads. This causes hair loss, dandruff, and other scalp conditions. As the picture above shows a prolonged period of time with dreadlocks can cause severe hair loss all over the scalp. We strongly recommend thinking twice before going with dreadlocks!

4. Buns.

buns cause hair loss

It should come as no surprise that a bun can cause hair loss. The old-fashioned nickname for Traction Alopecia is ‘Ballerina Baldness’. The name comes from the hair loss caused by a traditional ballerina’s bun. When professional ballerinas wore buns day in and day out, they inevitably became bald very quickly! It isn’t just ballerinas that suffered from hair loss from this hair style. Professional footballer Gareth Bale, who was very much the poster boy for the ‘man-bun’ hair style, has recently been looking for a hair transplant after recieving abuse on Twitter.

5. Weaves.

weaves cause hair loss

Although a weave may boost your self-confidence and cushion your dipping self-esteem temporarily, it certainly has a drawback. Weaves can cause traction alopecia and bald spots associated with glue extensions. Usually when artificial hair is integrated, it is done either by weaving, gluing or clipping (strand by strand) and this is known to damage your scalp.

Worried about your hair loss? Contact us for a hair loss consultation.

If this blog has lead to you worrying about your own hair loss then it might be helpful for you to come and visit one of our free hair loss consultations. Sometimes it will be better for a patient to address their hair loss problems with supplements and medication rather than proceed right away with a hair transplant.

By offering a free consultation we can potentially save you hundreds of pounds before the first step is taken to addressing your hair loss issues. Other clinics will charge you hundreds of pounds for these consultations and may prescribe expensive treatments that you just do not need.

With our Hair Loss Clinics taking place across the UK we are sure that you will be able to find a hair loss clinic location to suit you. If you are contemplating a hair transplant then we strongly recommend that you visit us as soon as possible.

Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant

Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant

Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant.

There have been lots of footballers undergoing hair transplants, but there have been perhaps none better than the Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant.

For those of who don’t know who he is Dimitar Berbatov is a Bulgarian football player. During his career he made 78 appearances for his national team and is regarded as an icon. He has played for big clubs including Monaco, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United.

Berbatov’s hairline has been a source of fan and media speculation from years as the hair on his head got less and less as the years advanced. It was even referred ahead of his Monaco debut with the media describing the star as ‘the balding Berbatov.’

At UK Hair Transplant Clinics we reckon that Berbatov was suffering from Norwood Grade 4 Hair Loss. At Grade 4 there is a fairly severe lack of hair at the front of the head. There is evidence of hair loss on the crown, meaning that the balding comes from two locations. Grade 4 is a point where there is a need to address your hair loss urgently and it is that point where Dimitar Berbatov had a Hair Transplant. (You can find out more about grades of hair loss here.)

In 2016 Berbatov took the plunge and had a hair transplant. The results where dramatic and his appearance at Soccer Aid that year drew a lot of compliments on social media about his great looking hairline. The star rolled back the years and looked several years younger. It’s clear that the new look gave him much needed self-confidence back with his Facebook page being flooded with selfies post surgery.

berbatov hair

The quality of the surgery was complimented by several people on social media. One Twitter user commented that ‘Berbatov’s hair-line must be up there with Liverpool in Istanbul for great comebacks!’ Compared to some of the other poor efforts we’ve seen in recent history, it was refreshing to see a footballer with a great transplant.

What can we learn from the Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant?

What the Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant shows us that even those who seem to be on top of the world can feel self conscious about their hairline. After years of being quizzed about his hairline in press conferences he no doubt got to a point where enough was enough.

It’s a line of reasoning that we hear from many people considering surgery. Years of jibes and banter can take a toll on your self confidence. One of the major things that patients report after surgery is the fact that they feel much more confident in themselves. It’s something that you can’t put a price on and the happiness it brings will live on for years to come.

Considering a Hair Transplant of your own?

If the Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant has inspired you into looking for a hair transplant of your own then we strongly recommend getting in touch with us. We offer a free hair loss consultation where an expert will discuss your hair loss and can recommend a treatment plan without any obligation. We have several clinics throughout the United Kingdom so you won’t have to travel far to receive expert advice with regards to a hair transplant.

You don’t even have to be on footballer’s wages to get a great looking hair transplant. We offer a great cost of hair transplants and we even can offer finance on your surgery costs. This makes a hair transplant affordable for anyone.

If you are looking for a free consultation then fill in our contact form below. Our staff will get back to you and get you on your way towards a superstar hair transplant.

Hair Loss adds upto 8 years on your appearance


Celebrity Hair Loss Replacement.

Prince William looks a staggering eight years older – because of his thinning hair, recent research has found.

Our future King has the appearance of a 42-year-old man – even though he is only 34. This is because balding ages men more than any other physical trait, adding up to eight years on to the age of sufferers.

Prince William is one of the UK’s most famous men to suffer from male pattern baldness, but as of yet has not had any hair replacement treatment to prevent this.

Research found that Greying hair adds seven years, with excess weight, having man boobs and sporting a moustache all following suit, each adding an average of two years.

celebrity hair loss

One of the best examples is Manchester United star Wayne Rooney. Rooney is 31 but would have the looks of a 39-year-old if he had not take steps to address his baldness via hair transplant surgery.

With more and more men becoming concerned with their appearance it is unsurprising that many men are now turning to hair transplant specialists to reverse the aging process. With stars such as Rooney, James Nesbitt and Joe Swash having hair replacement surgery in recent years, the stigma revolving around this type of surgery has died down and it is becoming seen more and more as necessity for people losing their hair.

Celebrity Hair Loss without the cost!

But, you don’t have to have a celebrity sized bank account to afford a hair transplant. At UK Hair Transplant Clinics we ave worked hard to reduce the cost of hair transplants and today they are more affordable than ever. If you have previously been put off addressing your hair loss issues due to cost issues you can be assured that we have a solution to help anyone afford a hair transplant.

If you are interested in getting a much more youthful appearance then we suggest that you book a FREE hair loss consultation with ourselves. We will be able to discuss your needs and suggest the best possible course of action for yourself!

So take the first step towards a more youthful looking appearance by filling in the form below. We can promise you won’t regret it!

UK Hair Transplant Clinics - beard transplant surgery from UK Hair Transplant Clinics

Beard Transplants are the hottest topic in the world right now!

In the last couple of days the topic ‘beard transplants‘ has been discussed in a number news papers, magazines and online articles including The Sun, The Register, The Independent, New York Times, The Times and more, becoming the hottest trend on the planet. The hottest trend in the world right now is up by 600% in men looking and seeking a bread transplant according to the statistics on Medical Tourism Blog Medico which states a 600% increase in bread transplants from 2004 to 2014.

Men who have absent facial hair and desperate for a smooth looking beard have been splashing the cash and paying up to £7000 for a bread transplant. Apparently, the statistics on Medical Tourism also state that men who are lacking length else where have turned to this alternative to boost their credentials and ego and says “beards are a symbol of power and virility.”

They then go on to explaining the other added benefits of a beard transplant which can be hiding acne and scars, which I personally think is a great one, no one likes spots do they?! They can help with females undergoing transgender procedures to give them the manly look they’re seeking and they can add an extra couple of years, making boys look like men. The New York Times interviewed a 28 year old man who is a paramedic living in Miami and told of his unfortunate situation of patients refusing to be treated by him due to how young he looked, thinking he would lack experience and skills, Amos told them “They would look at me and be like, ‘OK, is this 16-year-old really going to take care of me?'” said youthful-looking Jose Amos, who had the sparsest of beards. “It was hard for people to trust me because I had that baby face.”

He also said “It does play a role in me looking more mature, more manly and just kind of getting respect from people.” Amos told The New York Times he paid nearly £7000 for his bread transplant, however prices can range from £3000 – £7000 it depends on your hair follicles and the type of the procedure.

On Medico more interesting stats state that “Two thirds of women would prefer to date a bearded man over a clean-shaven man” however Medigo claim that “facial hair grows faster when a man has not had sex for a while”.

Hair restoration surgeon,  Dr Jeffrey S Epstein,spoke to The New York Times about his experience with bread transplant surgery and said that a decade ago he would perform four or five procedures annually now it’s three a week!

The NYT also cited the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, which is a non-profit medical association which claimed beard transplants grew from 1.5 per cent of the global hair restoration procedure market in 2012, to 3.7 per cent in 2014. ®

Years ago, men who underwent hair transplant procedures were left with scalps that resembled a dolls head because what was transplanted were plug-like grafts of about 15 hair follicles. At this time a beard transplant was not possible because the patient would have been left with a ‘cobblestone’ complexion.

Now as technology and procedures have developed, beard transplants can be achieved, looking completely natural as surgeons are now able to transplant single hair follicles instead of 15 at a time. The natural looking beard transplant can be shaved and regrown just like a normal beard.

Another male who can testify to the quality of his beard transplant is Phira, aged 33 from Los Angeles who went to see Dr Dauer last December as the facial hair on his cheeks where in large patches of whiskers, he told NYT “It looked like I had facial-hair leprosy or something,” said Phira, who had the spots filled in with follicles transplanted from the back of his scalp at a cost of roughly $4,000.”

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Could hair loss and balding be over by 2020?

Hairloss thing of the past

Could hair loss be a thing of the past by 2020?

On October the 1st on Reddit, PLOS Science Wednesday AMA (ask me anything) there was a lengthily online session of questions and answers with two hair loss experts from China and California, Dr. Zhengquan Yu and Dr. Maksim Plikus. Dr Yu in fact is an associate professor at the China Agricultural University, which is not a place you would usually find hair loss research taking place, however a huge amount of hair loss related research has taken place in the last few years. Dr Yu, earlier this year published a co-authored document on the influence of microRNA (miR-22) in hair loss in mice on PLOS which you can view by clicking here.

Some answers given on AMA were actually quite humorous, one stood out in particular and made me chuckle regarding the potential of creating hairy goats and creating tiny pigs for pets! Bizarre, however Dr Plikus’s responses were very interesting and on form. Below are some of the questions and answers which have a more informal and interesting approach:

Question from “Wkbrdnjoe”: “Now that you guys have found positive results in mice, what is the next step? Testing humans?”

Answer from Maksim Plikus: “Mouse findings would certainly have to be validated in humans. Currently, pilot testing on human hair follicles is possible using two experimental approaches: (i) organotypic hair follicle culture, and (ii) human-on-mouse xenografts. Anagen phase hair follicles, including human follicles, can continue to grow in vitro under specialized culture conditions for approximately one week. Human hair follicles grafted on immune compromised mice can grow for many months, imitating their normal, long-lasting anagen phase. Both approaches are widely used in human hair follicle research. Importantly, human hair follicles significantly differ from mouse in terms of signaling regulation. For instance, while human hair follicles are highly sensitive to androgen signaling, mouse follicles are not. Therefore, mice can not recapitulate the pathogenesis of human androgenetic alopecia.”


Swooping who is a famous hair loss forum member was answered by Plikus with a very detail and explained response which was:

“Your knowledge on androgenetic alopecia already appears to be pretty extensive. As you can appreciate, it has a complex mechanism, therefore many if not all factors that you mentioned are probably involved in its pathogenesis. What is important is to figure out which ones are upstream and which are downstream. This would affect the therapeutic potential of the targets. As I already mentioned in another reply, rodents and mice specifically, are not an appropriate model for studying androgenetic alopecia. Mouse hair follicles grow very differently from human scalp follicles. Mouse dorsal hairs grow only for about 2 weeks and attain 0.7-1cm in length. This is equivalent to human scalp vellus hair. Moreover, mouse follicles do not respond to androgens the same way human follicles do, and mice do not develop androgenetic alopecia in response to testosterone treatment. This limited the research progress in androgenetic alopecia field. However, we now have organotypic culture system and human-on-mouse xenograft model that can be used for studies on human follicles.”

Probably the most hopeful response from Plikus was: “Recent studies showed that dormant hair follicles in patients with androgenetic alopecia maintain their key stem cell population. Please refer to this study: link. This suggests that as long as the signaling mechanism of androgenetic alopecia pathogenesis can be interrupted, dormant scalp hair follicles can regrow. For instance, this 2003 study showed that grafting of vellus human scalp follicles onto mouse partially restores their normal growth characteristics: link.”

Here are some quotes from Yu based on his work on the study of miR-22:

“Based on this study, miR-22 antimir could be an effective drug for hair loss.”

“miR-22 antagomir or other anti-miR-22 oligonucletides could be used to inhibit miR-22 function, which would prevent hair loss or maintain prolonged follicle life.”

“I think that our findings provide a new therapeutic target to treat hair loss in way of microRNA. The cause of hair loss is pretty complex, it is hard to develop effective treatment for all patients. However, inhibition of miR-22 could benefit a certain number of patients whose hair loss caused by increasing miR-22.”

You can find the full online session of Yu and Plikus’s hair loss research’s questions and answers on AMA by clicking here.

While 2020 is some time away, you may want to consider some options which are immediately available to you such as our hair loss solutions which include hair transplant surgery, non-surgical hair loss treatments and AFR.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your hair loss whether you’re male or female.


Hair loss solutions aren’t as complicated as you think

man meditating hair loss solutions

Hair loss solutions can be simpler than you think.

Finding your shower filled with loose strands of hair can be startling for many but it isn’t necessarily an indication that anything is immediately wrong. As we age, hair density does change and strands become dramatically finer, particularly as we reach the age of 50 and beyond. But this natural predicament certainly isn’t something in which we have to accept. There are in fact a number of natural self-help methods that can work to prevent and hinder the process of hair loss, we list a few below:

Firstly, just breathe… Seriously! Its really helps! Stress is a chronic contributor to hair loss, as it can halt routine hair growth. Many individuals find clumps of hair falling out whilst going through a challenging experience such as divorce or job loss. If you have a career or role which puts you under continuous pressure, ensure you find time to wind down and have hobbies to de-stress like yoga and meditation.

head message hair loss solutions

Every time you step into that shower, you’re actually halfway there; massaging your shampoo into your head has been scientifically proven to increase the blood flow to the scalp. This peaceful process creates a better environment for your hair to grow and also aids any nutrients within the shampoo to better penetrate your scalp and hair follicles.

woman hair dryer hair loss solutions

No surprise here, heat causes damage. So this is the easiest fix you that may never have considered. Hair dryers and irons can cause breakage and thinning through a “flash drying” effect that not only removes the surface moisture but also removes water that is bound to the hair. This makes hair dry, rigid and brittle so try reducing your hair dryer use whenever and however you can.

salmon hair loss solutions

Many don’t know that hair thrives on protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Getting plenty of them from lean meats, leafy greens, nuts, beans, and fish will no doubt improve the strength and durability of your hair. This one is our favourite hair loss solution because it can be so enjoyably tasty too!

If you’re currently suffering from the negative effects of hair loss, its worth taking advantage of our FREE ASSESSMENT that can save you up to £2000 upon choosing to have a hair transplant with us. Our various treatments don’t however just focus on treatments, we offer hair loss solutions in the form of tablets where treatment can start at just £1 a day.

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Callum Best on his third hair transplant and says he wont rule out a fourth!

Calum Best Third Hair transplant

Callum Best on his third hair transplant

Calum Best has recently told Daily Mail in an exclusive interview that he has spent £6000 on his hair transplants which have been “life changing” and has also stated he will not rule out a forth.

The 33 year old celebrity said he feels he lost his hair which started in his early 20’s due to bleach and wearing ponytails. After two hair transplants he continued to lose his hair but after a third in just two years and a total of £6000 spent he now has the results he wanted.

Calum admitted that after continuing to lose his hair after two transplants it began to eat away at his confidence until he could see no other way but to fork out for his third. He also said that he would have completely lost the hair at the front of his scalp by now if it wasn’t for surgical help, Calum said: ‘There is no doubt this has changed my life. I have been losing my hair since my early 20’s. Nature’s plan was for me to have thin and patchy hair across the top of my scalp. But the great thing is, we don’t have to follow nature’s plan. Hair transplant technology has improved so much in the last five years and I have been able to keep hold of all my hair and wear it in my the same way as I did when I was in my teens. I was keen to get it done before going on Celebrity Big Brother so my hair would look great on the show.’

Calum went to Dr Shahmalak at Crown Clinic in Manchester and is a hair loss expert on the popular Channel 4 TV show Embarrassing Bodies. Dr Shahmalak has also performed two transplants on the presenter Christian Jessen and told Calum he could have slowed down his hair loss process with the treatment drug Propecia but due to the drug having side affects that can reduce your sex drive Calum didn’t want to take the risk.

Although he’s spent a lot of money he said its done wonders for his self-esteem and it’s made him look 5 years younger. Calum told the Daily Mail “No man wants to be bald when he is older.
‘Losing your hair is one of the most demoralising things that can happen to a man as he ages. You don’t feel nearly as good about yourself and it eats away at your body confidence.
‘For me, I was worrying about my thinning hair when I was attending auditions. I would be thinking, “Have they seen my hair? Are they going to give me the job?”
‘It was becoming a big distraction.
‘I’ve read research saying that baldness can make men look 10 years older. I would say keeping hold of my hair has made me look at least five years younger. The difference in my self-esteem is immeasurable.’

Calum had 1,200 grafts which amounts to around 2,200 individual hairs – moved to the front of his scalp where the hair was thinning and still receding, especially around his temples.

Calum said he would have a forth hair transplant if necessary and commented on the fact lots of celebrities have had the same procedure if not more such as James Nesbit who’s had three and Wayne Rooney who has had two.

Dr Shahmalak said “What we’ve noticed in the last five years is that the age of our patients is coming down all the time. A third of men suffer hair loss by the time they are 30.
‘More of them are deciding to have transplants immediately rather than waiting until middle age. Why suffer 20 years of loss of confidence if you can sort your problem now?
‘For people in the public eye, their image is their career. You don’t see a lot of bald models or TV presenters.
‘A simple procedure such a hair transplant can make an enormous difference to a man’s life.
‘We have seen a lot of men “doing a Rooney” and coming in for one, two or even three hair transplants like Calum.

Calum finally closed his personal interview with the Daily Mail by saying “These procedures have completely changed my life. They have given me so much more confidence and enabled me to wear my hair just the way I like.’

If you’re considering having a hair transplant we could save you thousands, find out how here: Here or find out how hair transplants work and the different treatment options: Here/

You can view photos of Calum Best’s fabulous hair transplant on the Daily Mail as well as a full video of Calum on his hair transplant procedure. Source: Here

Unexplained hair loss is scary but there’s often a way to fix it

Unexplained hair loss can be worrying but there’s often ways to fix it quickly.

Don’t panic, everyone loses hair. Approximately we lose fifty to hundred hairs each day, this is from our morning showers, to drying out our hair to brushing and putting our fingers through it. This process is just part of the natural hair cycle and they’ll soon be a new one to replace it. Nevertheless, there are however preventative techniques that are held in high regard as to preventing unexplained hair loss from occurring.

Avoid excessive use of hair dryers.

As heat weakens hair proteins, continuous blow drying of hair using can be an attributing factor to unexplained hair loss. The best from of drying your hair is to simply let it dry itself. At the very least try allowing a period of time before using the dryer so it can naturally dry.

Perms can permanently damage hair.

The process of chemically straightening or curling your hair drastically damages the inner bonds of your hair to reform them in a different way, thus creating the perm. However the technique causes dull, dry and brittle hair, and can thus contribute to unexplained hair loss.

Start to use a milder shampoo.

Maintaining a healthy scalp is crucial to reducing Unexplained hair loss. However sometimes we make the mistake of trusting any shampoo on the market; avoid anything with sulfate and sulfonate. Instead look out for Isethionate or Glucoside in your choice of shampoo.

Unexplained hair loss

Sudden and gradual significant hair loss can both be troubling for some individuals. Thanks to UK Hair Transplant Clinics, your hair loss can be a problem that’s left in the past; we are excited to announce we’ll be offering the very latest technology from the USA called “AFR” ( Accelerated Follicular System) which is clinically proven to Accelerate Regrowth of transplanted hair and to help thicken your existing hair and significantly slow down any further hair loss. Find out more by clicking here.

The Potential Danger of Hair Transplants Abroad

Up to 16.5% of patients experience  complications from hair transplants abroad

Holidaymakers jetting off abroad this summer will be packing their travel essentials – but an appointment card for the plastic surgeon is unlikely to be slipped into most suitcases. Yet for an increasing number of British, a nip and tuck or a Hair Transplant is becoming as important on holiday as a tan or a souvenir key ring.

Due to the increase in Patients having cosmetic surgery abroad, Leeds University compiled an in-depth report on the cosmetic surgery tourism. It found that up to 16.5% of Patients who had surgery abroad suffered complications.

The number of Britons undergoing procedures abroad has risen by 109% in the past two years, according to research by private healthcare search engine From dentures in Thailand to Hair Transplants in Turkey, more and more people are seeking surgery abroad as they are tempted by low-cost flights and the promise of cosmetic surgery at a fraction of the price offered in the UK.

The results, however, aren’t always a bargain. This is a lesson which my friend Khalid had learned the hard way. The 35-year-old wanted a Hair Transplant– for a snip of the price advertised in the UK.  He jumped at the chance of having surgery and a holiday at the same time which sounded too good to be true…and it was.

Instead of a lengthy consultation and one-to-one care at the private clinic, He found himself on a conveyor belt of other patients, rushed through the operating theatre to make way for the next paying customer. That might have been fine if the surgeon had lived up to his advertised reputation, but after the quick 5 minute meet, he was never seen again which is not what he was hoping for.

“During the procedure I started to feel the surgery but they had given me a strong sedation so it was difficult to tell them that I was in a lot of discomfort and even worse because they spoke very little English.  I knew exactly what was supposed to be done and it was only half-corrected,” he explains. “I emailed the doctor and finally after numerous call and emails he suggested I come back for more. It’s not like getting your nails done, though, its surgery. I started questioning it – is this a deliberate strategy so I come back?”

After Pictures

blog pic khalid

Khalid 2 years post-transplant in Turkey

The Patient went for a free assessment with the UK Hair Transplant Clinic to have a further Hair Transplant, “I just want hair and after spending £2000 and being in a tremendous amount of pain, I look worse than when I started” said Khalid. Paul the surgical assistant that saw him said “I see a lot of Patients who have the same story, he was told that he had 4000 grafts, which was most defiantly not the case visually and because it took less than 6 hours , there was no way physically could that many grafts be extracted and implanted.

Khalid explained that all the treatment was done by some girls, from administering the anesthetic, extracting the follicles, making the incisions to implanting the follicles. In the UK this would be illegal and with the exception of implanting the grafts, is performed by the surgeon.

blog pic khalid 2

Khalid 2 years post-transplant in Turkey

Whilst depending on whether you are a gambler or not the chance to save £4000 by risking £2000 could be a risk worth taking, however there is not only financial risk, “I was shocked when the surgical assistant said that I needed a further 4000 grafts as very little had taken , but what was more devastation was when he said that this would not be possible as the donner area from the back of the head had been ruined from the scaring of the previous FUE, I was devastated, Not only had I lost £2000 I had also lost the opportunity of getting my hair back”

Khalid’s story is not an isolated case. A survey by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) revealed the number of patients reporting complications after treatment abroad is on the increase. Three out of five Baaps members reported a rise of at least 25%-35% during the past five years.

Lack of regulation in many countries means standards fluctuate around the world. In the UK, a surgeon’s performance is strictly monitored, with routine training and independent yearly appraisals. A surgeon must be registered to perform cosmetic surgery specifically, be a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and, in order to be considered “highly qualified”, should have carried out in excess of 2,000 surgical procedures.

You also have the peace of mind knowing in the UK you can take legal action if you feel the surgeon as done something wrong.