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With advances in surgical techniques , you no longer have to be a celebrity of rich to afford these amazing results. With our affordable hair loss solutions, the price depends on if you require a surgical procedure or just medication.

So, How Do I Find Out What It Will Cost Me?

FREE Hair Loss Assessment, Affordable Hair Loss Solutions.

The only way that you can possibly achieve the results you want is by accurate assessment and diagnosis of your condition today. From there a treatment plan can be designed that’s appropriate for you, and only you. By attending a free, no obligation assessment for affordable hair loss solutions at one of our nationally recognised clinics in your local area, you can at last find out the facts behind your hair loss.

Because our consultants are experts in their field, during this 30 minute appointment via a series of trichometric diagnostic tests of the affected area you can learn more about your hair loss than you ever have before. More importantly, when you leave your appointment you will be armed with the information you need to make informed decisions about your future appearance.

At UK Hair we specialise in providing affordable hair loss solutions and we are the only provider who believe that knowledge is power and information is priceless, we will undertake a microscopic analysis of your scalp to determine the correct treatment plan for you and only you.

You will meet a fully qualified and accredited hair loss assessor not a salesperson. All of our consultants must undertake a minimum number of training hours with market leading surgeons to maintain their ISHRS accredited status. You can be sure that the information you gain from your consultation will be concise, accurate and appropriate only to you. You will be under no pressure from pushy commission based sales people, you simply come along for a no obligation chat. All of our consultants are clinical assistants who have undergone hair restoration surgery.

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