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World Class Hair Transplant Clinics

Here, UK Hair Transplant Clinics are known worldwide for having 25 hair loss assessment clinics and 5 surgical facilities across the UK with some of the most experienced hair restoration surgeons on the planet and the preferred clinic of the most respected technical teams. The UK Hair Transplant Clinics is a brand that is now recognized across the UK, Ireland and Internationally for our ethical approach to treatment planning and state-of-the-art care for patients.

To ensure the most advanced, technical and best techniques are being used, our physicians have been invited to train with progressive surgical techniques at conferences around the world for more than 15 years. Just as fashion changes so does the preference for a certain look, and the way in which that look can be developed is being updated every day across the world amongst the global hair restoration community.

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2014 World Hair Surgery Conference Malaysia

World Class Hair Transplant Clinics.

To ensure that we are able to offer our Patients the very latest and most appropriate techniques in their unique combinative treatment plan UK Hair’s physicians who perform their procedures in world class hair transplant clinics are committed to continuous education and knowledge share, revisiting clinical practices on Creating Naturalness, Hairline Design, Maximizing Density, Placing Techniques, and many other hair restoration surgery topics.

All of our Surgeons are Diplomats of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, and they are listed on a number of independent consumer advocate websites as being among the top physicians performing hair transplantation in the U.K. The physicians at UK Hair Transplant Clinics perform just one procedure: hair transplantation. They work one-on-one with patients throughout the process and typically prefer to schedule only one procedure a day to give each patient the attention they deserve.

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UK Hair’s Consultant Clinicians, Patient Co-Ordinators, Core Operations Managers and Surgical Team work together with the goal of providing patients the best experience possible. Many have been with UK Hair for more than 5 years and are among the most skilled and experienced in the field of hair transplantation. The UK Hair team have travelled to many conferences, over the years, helping demonstrate advanced surgical techniques.

Such is our recognized expertise in the field of hair restoration, UK Hair staff are often approached to teach assistants from other clinics the nuances of the more advanced techniques and, as a result, physicians from around the world regularly link in to UK Hair to observe and learn which gives us great pride in the confidence placed in them and the respect with which they are withheld in the marketplace.

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UK Hair Transplant Clinics’ facilities are a unique blend of art and high technology. Our treatment and surgery rooms are designed to combine the latest in science and aesthetics. Our surgery rooms are fully equipped to handle a full day of Microscopic Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation or Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery, one patient per room. Each surgery room is adjunct to a row of five to six high definition, optimal resolution microscope stations where technicians cut and sliver a patient’s donor strip.
No matter which facility you choose for your treatment, our attentive staff and relaxed, contemporary setting helps put patients at ease the minute they enter our clinic.