5 reasons to consider a hair transplant

Some reasons to consider a Hair transplant are often thought of as merely a solution to hair loss – however, hair transplants can actually correct multiple problems and improve various aspects of your life. They aren’t just for those that are losing their hair, but could actually help those with thinner hair, an uneven hairline, or low confidence in general.


An uneven hairline

A first reason to consider a Hair transplants can be utilised to straighten out an uneven hairline, or bring a receding one forward. To do this, instead of implanting follicles into any balding spots, your surgeon will implant them in any areas that you want your hairline to cover. For example, if you have a widows peak that you would like to straighten, follicles can be implanted into the gaps on either side of your forehead to fill them in and give you a perfect hairline. For receding hairlines, the same technique can be used to fill in the gaps where the hair used to be.

Thinning hair

Whether your hair is thinning due to age, or you have lived with thin hair all your life, a hair transplant could be your ticket to thick, luscious hair. Follicles can be implanted between existing strands of hair to increase the thickness and give you the hair you have always wanted. Any advantage of this is that it’s pretty much completely unnoticeable that a hair transplant has been carried out, as the follicles are hidden between your existing hair. You can carry on with your daily routine easily and quickly.

Your hairstyle options are diminishing

With moderate hair loss, often all people think about is how to cover any balding spots so that they are unnoticeable. With a chance to consider a hair transplant, you can stop worrying – you will be able to style your hair in any way that you please without concern. Usually, they are only two options for someone with hair loss – shave your hair completely, or grow it long in an attempt to cover up any bald spots. With a hair transplant, your options are endless!

Low confidence

Whether your low self esteem is caused by your hairline, thin hair or uneven hairline, a hair transplant could see you having bags and bags of newfound confidence! You can stop worrying about that bald spot at the back of your head, or that widows peak when you pull your hair back – To consider a hair transplant, all your worries could be gone.

You’ve invested in lots of hats lately

You have bought countless beanies, fedoras and caps in recent months, telling yourself and everyone around you that they are a fashion statement when in actual fact you use them to cover your hair – sound familiar? If so, then a hair transplant could be your solution – hats may be cheaper, but there is nothing like the freedom of having a full head of hair to show off to the world.

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