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Hair cloning: is it the new hair transplant?

Hair cloning: is it the new hair transplant?   The technique of hair cloning is being increasingly funded and researched for the treatment of balding and hair loss in adults. Some experts even predict that, by the time it is […]

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What’s happened in the world of hair transplants?

What’s happened in the world of hair transplants? The latest news in the world of hair transplants is yet another television star has undergone therapy and taken the plunge into having a hair transplant. Gogglebox star Chris Steed has invested […]

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Brow Transplants In The UK

Everything you need to know about Brow transplants in the UK You may have only considered hair transplants as a solution for the lack of hair on your head – however, brow transplants are becoming more and more popular as […]

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David Beckhams Beard Transplant

David Beckham, arguably one of the most stylish men in the world has opted for a beard transplant As we are a generation who are all about our self-image, men have also become just a conscious as woman when it […]

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One Of The Most Effective Hair Loss Solutions

One Of The Most Effective Hair Loss Solutions Hair loss is one of the most dreaded conditions around the world. People go to extreme lengths to ensure their hair is perfect. Hair transplants are the most popular methods of combating […]

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Hair Transplant

Man Claims Hair Transplant increased his Tinder Dating App Matches by 75%! Hair transplants can really help you to rebuild self confidence, especially if your hair starts to thin rather early on. As reported in The Mirror recently a man […]

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Beard Transplants are the hottest topic in the world right now!

In the last couple of days the topic ‘beard transplants‘ has been discussed in a number news papers, magazines and online articles including The Sun, The Register, The Independent, New York Times, The Times and more, becoming the hottest trend […]

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Could hair loss and balding be over by 2020?

Could hair loss be a thing of the past by 2020? On October the 1st on Reddit, PLOS Science Wednesday AMA (ask me anything) there was a lengthily online session of questions and answers with two hair loss experts from […]

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Hair loss solutions aren’t as complicated as you think

Hair loss solutions can be simpler than you think. Finding your shower filled with loose strands of hair can be startling for many but it isn’t necessarily an indication that anything is immediately wrong. As we age, hair density does […]

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Callum Best on his third hair transplant and says he wont rule out a fourth!

Callum Best on his third hair transplant Calum Best has recently told Daily Mail in an exclusive interview that he has spent £6000 on his hair transplants which have been “life changing” and has also stated he will not rule […]

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