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Hair Growth Products For Men

Use Hair Growth Products For Men To Battle Hair Loss Today! Are you concerned about hair loss? It’s estimated that two-thirds of men in the UK suffer from some type of male pattern baldness and it can be a major […]

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Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant

When we talk about famous sportsmen having hair transplants we offer think of Footballers such as Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov who have famously had hair transplants in recent years. There are other sportsmen who have had hair transplants in […]

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different types of hair transplant surgery

The Different Types of Hair Transplant Surgery Hair transplant surgeries are one of the leading solutions for hair loss and have helped millions across the UK. The type of hair transplant surgery does differ depending on both the extent of […]

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Reasons to be careful when choosing a hair transplant clinic

Reasons to be careful when choosing a hair transplant clinic. Hair transplants are great procedures that can transform both the look of your hair and your self-esteem. Most transplants are hugely successful, with celebrities praising their effects. But what happens […]

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Hair Styles That Cause Hair Loss

Hair Styles That Cause Hair Loss. It may come as a surpise to you, but there are several types of hair styles which can cause hair loss in both men and women. The cause of this is something know as […]

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Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant

Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant. There have been lots of footballers undergoing hair transplants, but there have been perhaps none better than the Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant. For those of who don’t know who he is Dimitar Berbatov is a Bulgarian […]

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The evolution and development of Hair transplant procedures

The Evolution and Development of Hair Transplant Procedures The Development of hair transplant procedures has evolved considerably since their conception. From the 1950s onwards, the only hair transplant technique available was standard punch grafting, which was problematic for a number […]

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Hair Loss adds upto 8 years on your appearance

Prince William looks a staggering eight years older – because of his thinning hair, recent research has found. Our future King has the appearance of a 42-year-old man – even though he is only 34. This is because balding ages men more […]

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scalp micropigmentation

What is scalp micropigmentation and how does it work? Sadly, hair loss is a reality for thousands of people in the U.K. It can have a huge impact on someone’s confidence and self-esteem. Thankfully, there are lots of different hair […]

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The difference between male and female pattern baldness

The difference between male and female pattern baldness     Men’s Trends For men, pattern baldness is very common as you progress towards old age. Many allow their hair to follow its natural progression – however, if male pattern baldness […]

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