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Hair Loss News

How Long Do Hair Transplants Last?

How Long Do Hair Transplants Last? A common question that we have from potential patients revolves around how long do Hair Transplants last. There is a real concern from patients that after having a hair transplant procedure that they will […]

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NW2 Hairline

A Norwood 2 (or NW2 Hairline) is often referred to as a ‘mature’ hairline and is often the first signs of real hair loss in males as they begin to grow older. A NW2 Hairline tends to follow the basic […]

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Hair Transplant Pay Monthly

Hair Transplant Pay Monthly. A question we are asked by potential patients is if they can spread the cost of a Hair Transplant. More and more, we are seeing patients looking for options to have a hair transplant where they […]

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Could Hair Transplant surgery help you find love?

Looking for Love? Hair Transplant Surgery could be on the table! Hair transplant surgery is becoming more popular each day, as people up and down the U.K are experiencing hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by a number of […]

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Does Brushing Prevent Hair Loss?

Does Brushing Prevent Hair Loss? There’s an old wives tale that by brushing your hair with 100 strokes that you can prevent hair loss. Sadly, this ancient bit of advice is just that – a tale. In fact it is […]

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Hair Transplant Information

Hair Transplant Information. If you are suffering from Hair Loss then you might be looking into a Hair Transplant. Over 40% of the UK Population suffer from hair loss and more and more of the population are looking for solutions. […]

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Things to look for in a good hair transplant clinic

Things to look for in a good hair transplant clinic   If you’ve decided to have a hair transplant, then choosing a good hair transplant clinic is essential to get the results you want. When a hair transplant is done […]

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What are Hair Loss Tablets?

Hair Loss Tablets: What are they and how do they help?   If you are wary of surgical treatments for hair loss, or simply want a non-invasive way of retaining and maybe even growing your hair, then hair loss tablets […]

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The life cycle of a hair follicle

The life cycle of a hair follicle To be able to understand the ins and outs of hair growth and hair loss, you’ll need to have a basic grasp on the hair growth cycle. The hair growth consists of three […]

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different types of hair transplant surgery

  7 reasons for your hair loss and how to prevent them Your hair is your crowning glory and can make you feel put-together and confident, so it can be alarming and upsetting if it begins to fall out. There […]

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