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Your brochure request has been received with thanks and shall be processed shortly. In the meantime it may be worth considering the real relevance of general hair loss information to your own case which is totally unique, there is no other like it. Every Patient case is different and whilst our Guide To Hair Loss¹ will provide a complete newcomer with generic information about hair loss solutions, it cannot answer the most important questions – at what stage is your current hair loss, how will it progress if untreated and to get the best result which treatment options are right for you?

Quite often generic information is just a starting point leading only to many other crucial questions such as…

  • So I know what¹s out there but which is the best hair loss solution for ME ?
  • What look am I trying to achieve and can I achieve the look I want?
  • If a transplant is the way forward, am I even suitable and how will I know?
  • If I am suitable how much will it cost?
  • What will I look like in 3, 6 and 12 months with or without treatment ?

The above questions can all be answered in less time, with more relevance and greater detail than any literature will afford in a face to face consultation. Even before your brochure arrives we would strongly recommend that you take advantage of a FREE hair loss assessment with one of our clinical consultants to answer questions like these and all of your own.

Unlike other Hair Loss Studios who employ unqualified salespeople to influence emotionally vulnerable Patients to whom hair loss is traumatising, the UK Hair Transplant Clinics Consultation Team, are recognised members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, who have been trained to assess and quantify your hair loss in line with Surgeon guidelines. Our consultations involve trichological tests, microscope diagnostics and the recording of your actual hair restoration requirements in a personalised treatment plan that makes sense. Post consultation you will be provided with a full written report and treatment recommendation so that you can sit back and review the facts before making the decision about a permanent solution that’s right for you.

With over 25 consultation locations across the UK, 90% of the population are within a 45 minute drive of one of our consultation clinics centres

PLEASE NOTE: Because we employ experts to understand your hair loss from beneath the scalp the number of free assessments we offer is limited.Surgeon endorsed consultations are available for a fee of £75 throughout the year but are being released on a first come first serve basis as a celebration of our Clinic Of Choice¹ nomination by the BBC. Just as hair loss does not discriminate between sufferers our promotional appointments are offered on a first come first serve basis, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to access the very best advice. Once these appointment have been taken, clinician consultation bookings will revert back to our normal £75 fee.

For a brochure request please complete the form below, to check availability for a free hair loss assessment please complete the 2nd form below.

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