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Popular hair loss myths

Could popular hair loss myths be true or just a hoax? Hair loss is widely talked about, often with misleading facts that people don’t really know. Hair loss is a subject that has had various misunderstandings and myths that may […]

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Reasons you’re ready for a Hair Transplant Operation

Reasons you are ready for a Hair Transplant Operation Here are some ways of knowing. The decision of getting a Hair Transplant Operation cannot be decided overnight. There are many points to consider before going ahead with the procedure, like […]

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Could wearing a hat cause hair loss?

Does wearing a hat cause hair loss? In a world focused on keeping up with the latest trends, having a hat as an accessory to your outfit can give you that extra boost. Whether it be a humble beanie, or […]

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Post-hair transplant do’s and don’ts

Post-Hair Transplant do’s and don’ts Even though aftercare is pretty minimal after a hair transplant, there are of course a few do’s and don’ts following your procedure. Taking good care of your scalp and following these few tips will ensure […]

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Hair transplants for young people: do or don’t?

Hair Transplants For Young People: Yes Or No? Hair transplants are a perfect solution for those suffering with hair loss and can give a patient the full and thick head of hair they’ve always wanted. You may have notice that […]

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Why is female hair loss seen as abnormal?

Why is female hair loss seen as abnormal? Male pattern baldness is something that is expected – it’s often an inevitable part of life for men, and hair transplants and other hair loss treatments are thus sometimes marketed towards men. […]

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Could a Robot Be Performing Your Future Hair Transplant?

Could a robot be performing your Future hair transplants?   Hair transplants have been changing the lives of men and women for decades. There have been a few changes to the procedures here and there, as new developments in technology […]

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Common Myths About Hair Loss

Common myths about hair loss debunked When dealing with hair loss, it can be easy for your mind to go into overdrive, and for you to question everything you have done to your hair in the last few months. Try […]

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Different types of Hairlines

Different types of hairlines: Everyone has a different one! Hairlines are usually heriditary and you may feel as though there is nothing you can do to change it if you don’t like the look of it. Fear not, as there’s […]

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How a hair transplant will improve every day life

How a hair transplant will improve everyday life A hair transplant is the perfect, permanent solution for hair loss – not only do you not require touch ups or repeat appointments, but it also means that the hair that grows […]

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Could Hair Transplant surgery help you find love?

Looking for Love? Hair Transplant Surgery could be on the table! Hair transplant surgery is becoming more popular each day, as people up and down the U.K are experiencing hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by a number of […]

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Things to look for in a good hair transplant clinic

Things to look for in a good hair transplant clinic   If you’ve decided to have a hair transplant, then choosing a good hair transplant clinic is essential to get the results you want. When a hair transplant is done […]

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What are Hair Loss Tablets?

Hair Loss Tablets: What are they and how do they help?   If you are wary of surgical treatments for hair loss, or simply want a non-invasive way of retaining and maybe even growing your hair, then hair loss tablets […]

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The life cycle of a hair follicle

The life cycle of a hair follicle To be able to understand the ins and outs of hair growth and hair loss, you’ll need to have a basic grasp on the hair growth cycle. The hair growth consists of three […]

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