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Hair Regrowth Treatment

The UK Hair Transplant Clinics, one of the world’s leading hair restoration specialists are continually at the forefront of developments in the science and technology of hair growth and are currently the only clinic in the UK to offer its patients this revolutionary new treatment in the form of a hair growth supplement – Advanced Protein Growth in the form of follicular unit extraction. The UK Hair Transplant Clinic is committed to adopting new techniques and processes that benefits patients and improves the outcomes of the ‘best in class’ treatment that brand.

What are the benefits?

It is with some excitement that we introduce “AFR”, a revolutionary new approach that has been adopted by most of the worlds leading hair clinics. AFR offers certain unprecedented benefits to transplanted hair.


Main benefits of using AFR

Accelerated Growth

Why wait for up to 18 months for the results of your first transplant when you can have the hair regrowth treatment?
In clinical trials using AFR 90% of patients achieved full growth in just 6 months compared to approximately 2 years using standard treatments.

Less Shock Loss

Shock loss occurs in many patients and involves the patient temporarily losing some of their existing hair around the transplanted area. This can result in patients looking slightly thinner immediately after surgery.

UK Hair Transplant Clinics - Follifuel Hair Regrowth Treatment

Improved Thickness of Hair

Up to 98% Improvement in cross sectional trichometry (thickness) of transplanted hair.

Benefits to your existing Hair

Significantly slows down further hair loss from your existing hair, while improving the overall thickness of your existing hair.

How does it work ? A Patented 3 Step System ­ Available Only in UK Hair Transplant Clinics

Step 1 ­ Supplement with micro nutrients

Most of us are deficient in the nutrients that we need for a healthy foundation required for our skin, hair and nails. Poor diet and over processing of nutrient dense foods leaves us lacking in the very basic molecules that we need to lay these foundations. Starting the day with the right micro nutrient complexes puts you on the right track for good growth. Our hair growth supplement is pefect for this.

Step 2 ­ Remove unhealthy additive

It’s no coincidence that the major pharmaceutical manufacturers have started to commercialise hair loss shampoos and conditioners. They have created the market and are capitalising on the damage that their chemical laden products are responsible for. Your scalp needs to breathe to produce strong and healthy hair. Only the mildest of products can create a ph neutral environment that is supportive for growth. Help hair shampoo and conditioner are rich in emollients, proteins and vitamins which are invaluable for the stimulation of the scalp for fuller, flourishing hair.

Step 3 ­ Build from within

Hair is made up of protein, but more specifically of certain sequences of branched chain amino acids which, when assembled in the correct order translate to hair fibres. Just as you can’t build a house without bricks, hair cannot be built without these components. Follifuel shake provides the vitamins and nutrients that you need to build strong and long standing hair. Containing no growth hormones, with a low glycaemic index and at only 110 calories per scoop, when used daily as part of the programme, our AFR shake can be used as a weight loss aid or protein supplement for resistance training. Just add  water or milk and peanut butter for extra protein, protect your muscles and grow your hair.

International Acclaim

The overwhelming support of the global hair respiration community for this breakthrough treatment was evident at the annual ISHRS gathering in San Francisco where leading hair surgeons worldwide extolled the benefits of this amazing amino acid based nutritional support system.

AFR has been used widely across America with great results for over 5 years and has been featured on the major US news television networks such as NBC, ABC and Sky.

Exclusively from our UK hair Transplant Clinics – Make your hair strong and healthy with our amazing introductory half price offer for the first six months*
The results for both transplant and thinning patients speak for themselves and have been consistently reported across 50 countries worldwide. #

UK Hair Transplant Clinics are proud to have been selected to represent Accelerated Follicular Restoration in the UK and for a limited time will be offering this treatment to its patients for only half the recommended distribution price at GBP300 for 6 month (Normally GBP 600) with a further 15% discount thereafter for the first 1000 patients.

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