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Finasteride Tablets

Thicken your hair by taking prescribed tablets


Examples of Patients who would benefit from Finasteride

fav57  67% of patients will receive significant thickening

fav57  80% for of patients hair loss will significantly slow down

Prices from £1 per day

The Most Advanced Hair Transplant System “ AFR”

6 Month Week by Week Growth

  • 90% Patients achieve full result in 6 months compared to 2 years
  • Upto 65% thicker Transplanted hair
  • Upto 90% reduction in shock loss

The UK Hair Transplant Clinic is excited to announce it’s the ONLY clinic in the UK offering the very latest technology from the USA called “AFR” ( Accelerated Follicular System)

Clinically Proven to Accelerate Regrowth of transplanted hair and to help thicken your existing hair and significantly slow down any further hair loss.

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Live Celebrity Hair Transplant- Joe Swash

Watch his short video

Joe Swash’s hair transplant was probably one of the biggest changes we have ever seen among celebrities. The reason being, many celebrities seek a hair transplant after only a few hairs have fallen out so the results are barely noticeable as it was never truly needed to start with. However with Joe Swash he had lost a large amount of hair before he decided to have a hair transplant so the end results were much more evident and successful. After his hair transplant Joe said that even some of his friends and relatives weren’t able to know him after the operation. His hair is now thick and despite the fact that he is still very young, he started looking even younger, his follow up procedure earlier this year at UK Hair Transplant Clinics was a great success.

The story around Joe Swash’s hair transplant is yet more proof of the fact that hair restoration is becoming more and more important and increasingly popular nowadays. Not only is it more important but it is also becoming more efficient and successful, especially with techniques such as scalp micropigmentation becoming so well known. This will probably going to lead to more people seeking it and, hopefully, in the close future hair loss and baldness will become less and less of a problem. 

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Google rated 4.9/5. Trustpilot rated 9.3/10. See why over 10,000 customers chose to talk to us about Hair Loss
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UK Hair Transplant Clinic to feature on BBC Hair Transplant Documentary

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Written Guarantee with your treatment

Because we solely specialise in Hair Restoration surgery, we bring you the most advanced surgical treatments, with the very best technology.
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For a limited period only, UK Hair Transplant Clinics are offering a free, no obligation consultation with a member of our Hair loss team at our clinics throughout the UK.

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UK Transplant Clinics have the largest network of Clinics in the UK, with over 90% of the population within a short 30 minute drive of a clinic.

The brochure provides information on hair loss and discusses the possible solutions that are available. It is a great source of information.

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